National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) invites proposals for TP empanelment for training 2 lakh people under PMKVY (2018-19)


New Delhi : Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (hereafter referred as PMKVY) 2016-2020 is a flagship scheme of Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (hereafter referred as MSDE) was launched in year 2016 with an outlay of Rs 12000 crore to train 1 crore youth of the country. PMKVY Scheme is being implemented by the state governments along with central government through two components – CSSM and CSCM. A target of 20.5 lakh is allocated to states under the CSSM component wherein the SSDMs are responsible for the formation of institutional capacities at state/ local level and working as the implementing agency in entire scheme. Under the CSCM component, the target of 79.5 lakh candidates has been assigned to NSDC with the following breakup:

Component (Target for 2016 – FY 2020 FY / Annual Target)

Short Term Training (35,55,000 / 8,88,750)
Recognition of Prior Learning (40,00,000 / 10,00,000)
Special Projects (3,95,000 / 98,750)
Total (79,50,000 / 19,87,500)

Since the launch of the scheme, NSDC has been allocating targets under all three format of training component of the scheme to accredited and affiliated training centres as per the PMKVY guidelines and subsequent directions of PMKVY Executive Committee and Steering Committee. Multiple steps have been adopted for increasing the quality of the scheme including:

• One stop web-based solution for Center Accreditation, Affiliation and Continuous Monitoring ( with self-accreditation and third part inspection for centres under the scheme

• Fully online Aadhar Enabled MIS (SDMS) for candidate life cycle management with all stakeholder activity tracked online as well as online payments to all stakeholders

• Continuous monitoring and performance evaluation of the Training Centres

Annual Target Allocation for CSCM component FY18-20 is to be done through routes like Request for Proposal (RFP) and performance-based re-allocation. Below is a list of categories that will be covered for allocation:

a) Request for proposal (RFP) route

b) Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Kendra (PMKK)

c) Training Centres of ScPwD

d) Special Government MoUs like Armed Forces, Railways etc.

e) Existing PMKVY centres (Performance based re-allocation)

This RFP concerns the RFP route for target allocation. For rest of the categories of target allocation, please visit _FY_18-20-1.pdf

For the financial year 2018-2019, target allocation for around 2 lakh candidates under STT shall be undertaken under RFP. The aim of providing target via the RFP route, is to promote high quality educational institutions, government training intuitions, reputed philanthropic organizations, not for profit organizations, new training providers, who have not been associated with PMKVY 2016-

This RFP will also consider the existing PMKVY centres which have successfully conducted trainings in particular priority districts and geographies but may not be eligible for reallocation due to lack of benchmarked performance levels. Proposals aims to bring in ITI’s, NGO, startup or other agencies working in aspirational and underserved district (Annexure 19.4, 19.5) especially with marginalized community. RFP mode aims to also uniformly distribute targets across regions and geography based on aspirational district combination for wider skilling outreach.

Key features

The vision of the RFP implementation approach is to increase the capacity and capability of the scheme as a whole to deliver quality skill training and placement to the youth of the country and thus meet the growing demand for skilled human capital in various economic sectors.

The major steps involved in the selection of Training Providers in the project mode as per this RFP are summarized below:

1. PMKVY RFP mode focuses on the inclusiveness of Training Providers in the form of government and private institutions, small companies, start-ups, NGOs, and others.

2. Along with this, the puts emphasis on quality of Training and placement. Training organizations that wish to train candidates in aspirational districts as identified by NITI Aayog will be encouraged to apply.

3. Only organizations that have existing centers where the training may be conducted. NSDC does not guarantee target allocation to any organization applying through this RFP. No organization should set up any new centers for the purpose of this RFP.

4. The on boarding of centers on SMART portal is not a necessary criterion for applying in this RFP, the proposed center infrastructure should exist on ground.

5. Eligible Institutions and organizations are invited to submit proposals for allocation of targets through this RFP. The applications will be accepted only during a fixed time period.

6. Each applicant organization will have to register on an online portal.

7. Each applicant organization can submit proposal for multiple proposed centers. Each training center proposed by an applicant should contain the details of the sector for training along with job roles in which the applicant organization wishes to conduct training.

8. After the date of receiving applications is over, all applications will be evaluated as per the evaluation criteria

9. Training Providers, who are government owned or government institutions have been viewed as a potential Training Provider and they have been provided with special focus in scoring. Similarly, Training Providers with strong credibility, financials and skilling experience have also been encouraged through weightage on sections of scoring matrix.

10. The proposals of the TPs would be evaluated on both quantitative and qualitative parameters, which have been detailed.

11. After the evaluation, each proposed center will be ranked district wise and targets will be allocated to the applicant TP according to the target allocation methodology.

12. Due Diligence will be taken up for the shortlisted/eligible applicant organizations for the target allocation.

13. Post Approval by competent authority, the successful applicant organizations will be intimated and invited for signing of an MoU.

14. Post the allocation of targets, the applicant organizations can start training in proposed centers only after successful accreditation and affiliation of each training centre under SMART and obtaining 4/5-star rating in accordance with the centre accreditation or affiliation guidelines. In-case of Special areas as defined in common norms, valid relaxations will be applicable. Relaxations will be applicable in case of top class institutions as well.

15. The performance of the Training Providers allocated with targets would be monitored for quality aspect of Training, placement and other factors.

16. The PMKVY scheme does not allow franchising/consortium/Sub contracting.

17. The organizations applying in category 1 and 2 may request the support from NSDC for providing placements to the candidates enrolled in their centres post target allocation. The organizations who have will be given such a support will be exempted from the criteria of placement and will receive all the tranches and payments in accordance with the PMKVY guidelines except the third tranche of 20% of training cost linked to placement. The tranche 3 will be utilized by NSDC through empanelled organizations to provide placement to the candidates trained by these organizations in accordance with the PMKVY guidelines. The organizations may seek this support while applying in the RFP, approval of which will be based on organization credentials and proposal. The decision for such an exemption will be taken by the PMKVY Executive committee at the time of project approval.

18. PMKVY guidelines to be referred for more clarification in case of any ambiguity.

Invited Proposals

Proposals are invited to train a total of 2 lakh candidates for financial year 2018-19 across all the states and Union Territories. Applicant organization would submit proposals training center wise. Multiple training centers can be submitted by the applicant organization. Districts which are in list of aspirational districts, and underserved districts as per NITI Aayog would be given preference. Proposals shall be evaluated on a pre-defined criterion which includes but not limited to eligibility, due diligence and scoring matrix, post which would be reviewed by PMKVY executive committee. For downloading Request for Proposal (RFP) document , Click Here

Classification of Applicants:

Parties participating in the RFP mode will be classified in 4 categories:

a. Category 1: Government Institutions including academic and non-academic institutions run and managed by Central/State government. Examples: Public Universities Government ITIs, CIPET, IITs, IIMs and any others

b. Category 2: Philanthropic organizations, any registered Not-for-profit organization under Indian Societies Registration Act, Indian Trust Act, Indian Companies Act 1956/2013 (Section 25) (other than proprietorships, partnerships)

c. Category 3: Any registered For-Profit organization under Indian Societies Registration Act, Indian Trust Act, Indian Companies Act 1956/2013, Limited Liability Partnership Act 2008 (other than proprietorships, partnerships)

d. Category 4: Training Centres that have conducted training in PMKVY central component and have provided more than 40% placement as per the placement definition in Annexure

as on 15th July 2018: Placement criteria for the Training Centers that have conducted training in PMKVY central component. Any Training center including PMKKs allocated any Target under reallocation for FY 2018-20 would not be considered for target allocation under RFP route.

Submission of proposals

The proposal should be submitted online by visiting Proposal Management System at that would be accessible to training provider on or before 16th August 2018 and proposals can be submitted till 06:00 PM  on 28th August 2018. Last date for submission of queries is 14th August 2018 and the date for responding to queries raised by applicants is 21st August 2018

In case the eligibility conditions of the applicant organization do not suffice the condition set by this RFP, the applicant organization will not be allowed to submit proposals.

All queries related to RFP to be sent to only.

Proposal Preparation Cost

The Applicant shall bear all costs associated with the preparation and submission of its proposal, and NSDC shall in no case be responsible or liable for those costs, regardless of the conduct or outcome of the proposal process

Proposal Processing Fee

a. A non-refundable one-time fee of INR 25,000/- (Twenty-Five Thousand Rupees only) is to be provided by all applicant TPs as a registration fees through any one of the multiple modes of online payment available on the project application portal.

b. In addition to this, the TP must pay a fee of INR 10,000/- (Ten Thousand Rupees only) per proposal submitted for a training center.

Submission of proposal and paying of proposal processing fees under RFP mode doesn’t guarantee allocation of target under PMKVY (2016-20). This RFP doesn’t encourage creation of any new training infrastructure specifically for imparting training under PMKVY. NSDC shall in no case be responsible or liable for those costs, regardless of the conduct or outcome of the proposal process.