Guidelines- Examination & Certification Process

Eligibility criteria of candidates and assessors in certification process:
For candidates: The minimum education qualification of a candidate will depend on the type of job role for which he is applying for certification. Criteria of qualification for each job role will be displayed on the website.

For Assessors: The minimum education qualification and experience in that field for which he will be assessing the candidates is as:
Post-graduation /graduation- 5 Years experience
Diploma- 10 Years experience
ITI- 15 Years experience
Assessor should qualify our internal test with 75% to check his skills and knowledge before empanelment.
For Unarmed security guard: He/she should be an army personnel (retired), any security agency supervisor or certified assessor from some body under any ministry or department in security sector.
For General Housekeeper: He/ she should be educated in "Hotel Management" or should be working in any hotel as staff or care taker.
Examination & Certification Process Requirements
To get certified in any job role, the below mentioned processes are to be followed by a candidate:
Application process
For certification, first step is the application that will be filled by the candidate, application form will be available at our website having all scheme guidelines that will include all instructions and requirements for a candidate before enrolling. All requirement needed for a job role will be included in the scheme guidelines that will be available at website.
Application form will include the below mentioned details of the candidates:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone and Email Id
  • Identity proof (Aadhar card/PAN card/Voter ID)
  • Date of birth
  • Work status
  • Highest Qualification
The decision of TSA in all matters relating to acceptance or rejection of an application, eligibility/suitability of the candidates and criteria of selection will be final and binding on the candidates. No inquiry or correspondence will be entertained in this regard.
Assessment Process
Assessment will be conducted as per the guidelines of the certification scheme, below mentioned documents will be collected and verified by the assessor:

  • Identity proof of candidates (Preferably Aadhar Card)
  • Application form
  • Photographs & videos during assessment (Theory, Viva & Practical)
  • Assessment sheets
  • Attendance sheet duly authenticated by TC if registration is through TP.
We will be using any of the below mentioned methods for the assessment of the candidates:

  • Paper pen test
    This is simple and most economical method of assessment. Test paper based theory assessments are taken and Viva/practical marks are awarded on attendance sheets. The assessor at the end of the assessment transmits the result to TSA on same day.
  • TAB based test
    This is quite like online assessment methodology, except that it eliminates the disadvantages of online assessments. This method does not require internet connectivity and PCs at the center. It creates a local network of its own between the laptop and tablets carried by the assessor through a Wi-Fi modem. The candidate is given a login ID by assessor and response gets stored in Assessor's Laptop, which is transmitted by Assessor to Assessing body through email.Viva marks are separately sent by assessor.
  • TAB based test
    In this method, we will provide a link of the question paper to the assessor a day prior to the assessment. The assessor will assess the candidates using this link and the responses from the candidates will reach directly to TSA (TSA). We will become the custodian of theory marks of the candidates. The assessors give marks to the candidate in viva voce and the practical test. The TSA later compiles the results. Assessor is provided an Assessment/Observational sheet which is based on NOS and QP. The assessor takes a Viva -Voce and practical test for the job role and allots marks in that Performa. In this method, Network connectivity and availability of PCs is a must at the center.
Candidate can request for special needs in the application form and accordingly it will be arranged. A self-declaration from the candidate will be taken that the special need which he has demanded is genuine and will not affect the integrity of the TSA in any manner.
All assessment and certification activities will be performed by TSA itself including invigilation and certificate printing.
Examination Process
Examination will be conducted as per the guidelines of the certification scheme with below listed resources:

Question Paper

  • To conduct the assessment for each job role, Question paper is one of the most important assessment tools.It is prepared by the SMEs (Subject Matter Expert).
  • Each question paper will be prepared accordingly to the NOS criteria as per NSQF.
  • It will in MCQ format and will be available in the local language of the candidate.
  • Difficulty level of question paper:

    Difficult- 10 %
    Easy- 40%
Assessment/observational sheets
It will be prepared for each job role, assessor will allot the marks for each candidate as per the NOS for that job role during the practical and viva conduct. Practical can be conducted in the groups of 4-5 candidates but viva will be taken individually.
Attendance sheet
Passing criteria for certification: For each job role 70% will be the passing criteria in the assessment conducted by the assessor.
For a consistent examination administration, prior guidelines will be issued to the assessment center for the required arrangement that will include:

  • Infrastructure
  • Computers and Internet connectivity in case of online examination
  • Any special needs required by the candidate
The assessment center should have the below mentioned facilities and environment during the examination:

  • Proper lighting and noise free place
  • Normal room temperature. Proper ventilation of the classrooms , labs, practical area.
  • Provision of fans/air coolers/air conditioners as required for the region where centre is located.
  • Individual computer for each candidate in case of online exam
  • Proper seating arrangement of all candidates
  • Adequate fire safety measures (Fire extinguisher)
  • Safe drinking water facility
  • Separate wash room facilities for male & female candidates
  • First aid box
In case of TAB based assessment, all equipment's used in the assessment process will be get verified and calibrated by our technical team. It will be ensured that all are in working condition during assessment.
Decision on Certification
For making the decision on the certification, all assessment tools gathered during assessment and will be checked & verified.For any appeal or compliant, website will be checked and responded.
We will confine to our certification scheme, we will not include or follow any other scheme for the decision on certification.
All the requirements will be checked and verified with the scheme guidelines to check either matching with the required criteria or not; if matches, only then certification will be issued.
TSA will provide a sole ownership certificate to each certified person, it will be in the form of a certificate signed and stamped by authorized person
The format of certificate is as:

It has the below mentioned details:

  • Name of the certified person
  • Unique certification number
  • Name of TSA
  • Certificate issue date
  • Expiry date
  • NSQF Level
  • Job role name for which certified
  • QR code
The certificate is having a unique QR code that reduces the risks of counterfeiting of the certificate.
Decision taken by TSA on certification will be final one and no request will be entertained for review of the status.
Records and information requirements:
  • TSA will maintain the records of applicants, candidates and certified persons. These records will include a means to confirm the status of a certified person.
  • The records will demonstrate that the certification or recertification process has been effectively fulfilled, particularly with respect to application forms, assessment reports and other documents relating to granting, maintaining, recertifying, expanding and reducing the scope and suspending or withdrawing certification.
  • TSA will make information regarding the scope of the certification scheme and a general description of the certification process, publically available without request.
  • All training providers and TSA will, through enforceable agreements, keep confidential all information obtained during the certification process. These agreements will cover all personnel dealing with the subject.
  • It is ensured that information obtained during the certification process, or from sources other than the applicant, candidate or certified personnel, is not disclosed to any unauthorized party without the written consent of the individual, except where the law requires such information to be disclosed.
  • To ensure the security of the certification process, some policies and procedures are in place and are implemented throughout the entire certification process. In case security breaches occur, immediate corrective actions are taken.
  • It includes provisions to ensure the security of examination materials, taking into account the following:
    • The location of the material (transportation, disposal, storage)
    • The nature of the material (electronic, paper, test equipment)
    • The steps in the examination process
  • Certificate of Commitment from Candidates:
    • Candidates are required to sign a non- disclosure agreement indicating their commitment not to release confidential materials or participate in fraudulent test taking practices.
Complaints/ Appeals:
  • Complaints /Appeals can be submitted by all stake holders on/offline if they are dissatisfied with our conduct, product, or a service.
  • These are monitored in structured manner. Complaints are an important source of information for improvement of our systems and impart justice to the aggrieved party.
Proceeding & Disposal of Complaints:
  • The complaint received will be registered in "Complaint & Appeals Register"
  • It will be evaluated with the inputs received by the "Complaint Review committee" of TSA as nominated by the MD
  • Inputs, if incomplete will be sought from the complainant from the contact details shared.
  • If there is no response from complainants, three attempts will be made to recover inputs and these attempts must be recorded on the Complaint sheet
  • Inputs from the contact person in the organization, mentioned in the complaint, will also be taken.
  • Public View of the process- Relevant points will be mentioned on the website
  • Review of this document will be carried out on annual basis/ as recommended by internal /external audit.
Blacklisting of Assessor:
  • In case it is found that an Assessor is looking to enter into any undue arrangements during the assessment process, he/she may be blacklisted and debarred from conducting any future assessments.
  • In case it is found that the designated certified Assessor deputes a non-certified Assessor to conduct an Assessment on his/her behalf, the certified Assessor may be blacklisted and debarred from conducting any future assessments. Reassessment of the batch will be conducted at the Training Center .
Suspending, Withdrawing or Reducing the scope of Certification
The grounds for suspending the certificate are as follows:

  • If the candidate is found to misuse the logo of TSA or is using any kind of misleading statement which might affect the reputation of the TSA.
  • If there is any complaint from the candidate's employer then we will verify the complaint and in case the certified person is found guilty, the certificate will be suspended and will remain suspended until the complaint is not resolved.
  • In case of non-payment of the certification fee, certificate can be suspended.The evidences can be verified onsite or offsite depending upon the nature of the reason for the suspension
The grounds for withdrawing the certificate are as follows:

  • In case the TSA is not able to resolve the issue of suspension within 90 days from the date of suspension.
  • The evidences submitted by the certified person for the reason of suspension are not found satisfactory.
  • Continue misuse of logo e.g. misleading publications, advertisement or contravention of the stipulated conditions for the use of logo of TSA.
A self-declaration will be taken from the candidate during applying for certification that certified person will refrain from further promotions of the certification while it is suspended.
A self-declaration will be taken from the candidate during applying for certification that in the event of withdrawal of certification, the certified person will be refrained from use of all references to a certified status.