Guidelines on Third Party Assessments & Certification

Any candidate who has acquired skills informally registered for training with any training provider/institute, conducting training under any specific scheme, will be assessed as per the curriculum/contents/syllabus of the particular job role/subject under that specific scheme.
This document has been developed to lay down the guidelines for the assessors of Trendsetters Skill Assessors, for third party assessments and certification of the candidates. It aims to align the competencies of the workforce of the nation under unregulated/unorganized sector, to National Skill Qualification Framework promulgated by Government of India. Certification of the workforce is one of the means/key indicator of providing assurance that the certified person meets the requirements of the industry. This document lays down the process for the certified assessors of the certification bodies operating under various certification schemes to ensure that they perform in a qualitative, consistent, comparable and reliable manner. It will also ensure that the candidates being assessed and certified are oriented to the standardized NSQF levels, QP-NOS that would be followed under the certification scheme.

Trendsetters Skill Assessors Pvt Ltd will carry out "Assessment and Certification" in the below mentioned sectors:
Sr No. Sector Job Role NSQF Level
1. Domestic Worker General Housekeeper 4
1. Security Unarmed security guard 4
Major objectives of the Third Party Assessment & Certification Guidelines are as under:
  • To recognize the existing skill level in different sectors specifically in unorganized sectors
  • To provide a platform to individuals, training institutes, Training centers to get the skills assessment done at a standardized platform by a SSC certified assessor at a well-equipped center.
  • To help in aligning the competencies of the workers from un-recognized/Un-organized sector of the country with the standardized NSQF framework and provide the much needed recognition for enhancing the career/employment opportunities to them.
  • Encourage standardization of the skill certification process
  • Put in place the foundation for creating a registry of skills.
The following will be stakeholders in this scheme:
  • Individual candidates
  • Training Partners
  • Educational Institutions
  • Certification body
  • Assessors
  • NGOs
  • UIDAI/ State Govt
  • Organizations employing workers with inherited skills/imbibed on the job (Unorganized Sector)
  • Candidate mobilization
  • Orientation of candidates
  • Pre-screening of candidates
  • Enrollment
  • Training of candidates
  • Organizing candidate assessment
  • Placement of candidates
  • Trendsetters Skill Assessors Pvt Ltd will be certification body () and owner for this scheme.
  • Trendsetters Skill Assessors Pvt Ltd and training Institute/provider/centre, referred in this document for all purposes of the scheme will be separate with no overlap of roles except coordination for assessments.
  • Orientation training will be provided by the training partners at their own/leased centers as per the defined criteria/parameters. Assessment could be carried out at their premises if infrastructure provided meets the requirement as per job role.
  • In case of individual candidates, an assessment center will be allotted to the candidate(s) located near to his/their own location.
Registration/Enrolment of candidates
It will be done through following methods:
  • Mobilization & Registration/ Enrollment through training partners/centres
  • Direct Registration/Enrollment of Candidates by CB
  • Certification fee- Rs 500
Mobilization & Registration/Enrollment by Training Institutes/Centres:
  • Training Institutes/centers will be responsible for mobilization & enrollment of the candidates.
  • Training centers /institutes could conduct various outreach campaigns across the districts in which they are located. The out-reach campaign may comprise a combination of door-to-door visits, through local leadership, skill melas, campaign through digital & print media.
  • Potential candidates will be counseled/ oriented by the training center/institute.
  • After counseling, Training center is to conduct a robust and thorough pre-screening of the candidates to ascertain:
    • Which job role matches with their prior knowledge and experience most and
    • Identify skill gaps, if any.
    • Collection of supporting documents and evidence of skill level of the candidate.
  • TCs need to ensure that candidates meet the eligibility criteria to undertake assessment for the relevant Qualification Pack (QP).
  • The assessment fees is to be deposited to the CB on the time of sharing candidate's data for assessment and certification.
  • TCs must fulfill all the responsibilities including providing training/reading/study material to the trainees as per the QP available on NSDC website.
  • The TCs will nominate a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for all coordinating activities. Only the identified SPOC will interact with CB.
Direct Registration of Candidates:
  • The candidates who wish to take up direct assessments will have to register online at our website and transfer assessment fees directly to CB's account.
  • Candidate will be oriented by Team leader/sector coordinator on line/skype
  • Admit card will be issued to candidate through website and it will be sent to candidate registered email id. It will have following details:
    • Candidate Name
    • Candidate father/husband name
    • Candidate photo
    • Date of assessment
    • Details of assessment centre
    • Enrolement No
    • Job Role/Subject
The candidate enrolled will be assessed by the assessor detailed by TSA.
The candidate will need to pass in the minimum assessment criteria specified in the specific.
QP of the job role for which he/she desires to be assessed.
Eligibility criteria of candidates and assessors in certification process:
  • For candidates:The minimum education qualification of a candidate will depend on the type of job role for which he is applying for certification. Criteria of qualification for each job role will be displayed on the website.
  • For Assessors:The minimum education qualification and experience in that field for which he will be assessing the candidates is as:
    Post-graduation /graduation- 5 Year's experience
    Diploma- 10 Year's experience
    ITI- 15 Year's experience
    Assessor should qualify our internal test with 75% to check his skills and knowledge before empanelment.
  • For Unarmed security guard: He/she should be an army personnel (retired), any security agency supervisor or certified assessor from some body under any ministry or department in security sector.
  • For General Housekeeper: He/ she should be educated in "Hotel Management" or should be working in any hotel as staff or care taker.

Guidelines on Third Party Assessments

Following guidelines on Assessments under "TSA Assessment & Certification Scheme" must be adhered to by all the concerned stakeholders:
Examination Process
Examination will be conducted as per the guidelines of the certification scheme with below listed resources:

Question Paper
  • For conduct the assessment for each job role, question paper is one of the most important assessment tools. It is prepared by the SMEs (Subject Matter Expert).
  • Each question paper will be prepared accordingly to the NOS criteria as per NSQF.
  • It will in MCQ format and will be available in the local language of the candidate.
  • Difficulty level of question paper:
    Difficult- 10%
    Easy- 40%
Assessment/Observational sheets

It will be prepared for each job role, assessor will allot the marks for each candidate as per the NOS for that job role during the practical and viva conduct.
Practical can be conducted in the groups of 4-5 candidates but viva will be taken individually.

Attendance sheet

Passing criteria for certification:

For each job role 70% will be the passing criteria in the assessment conducted by the assessor.

Language of Assessment:

CB will ensure that the assessor assigned to a batch is as per the language preference of the batch.

In case the assessment is conducted online or through a digital system (such as tablet), efforts will be made to make the question paper available in the preferred language given by the trainees of the batch to be assessed.
Identity of Assessors
At the time of assessment, Assessor will mandatorily carry his/her photo identity issued by AA that must be validated by the concerned TP.
Candidate's ID proof at the Time of Assessment
  • Assessor will mandatorily check the photo-IDs of the trainees before the Assessment is conducted
  • Each candidate will carry the Aadhar card/PAN card during assessment. The Assessor may choose to not conduct the assessment for a particular candidate in case of absence of a valid photo-ID proof during the assessment.
  • Training provider/assessment center must keep a copy of the ID proof provided by the candidate at the time of assessment for any check later on
Candidate Feedback
  • TCs/ assessment center to take candidate feedback on a standard format:(Annexure i)
  • Assessors to check that the candidate feedback is available for the batch / candidate
  • TCs/ assessment center must store candidate feedback form for the batch.
Validation of Training Centre before using it as Assessment Centre
  • Assessor validates the training center as per the requirement mentioned in the QP and proceeds with the assessment if found fit.
  • In case the centre is unfit for assessment, inform TSA through SMS/Whatapp message/email with photo video proof within one hour of reaching the TC/assessment center.
  • Speak to Team leader/sector coordinator for that sector in TSA on mob phone and await for further orders.
Result declaration for the batch
  • Assessor will share the QP-NOS wise marks of candidates with CB.
  • CB needs to check the result of the assessed batch on as per the marks shared by the assessor and the assessment criteria along with the supporting documents.
  • After checking the authenticity of the candidates and assessment, result will be shared with the TP.
  • No changes will be done in the results submitted by the assessor, on request of candidate/TP
  • Result will be displayed at our website.
Decision on Certification

Decision on certification of candidates will be based on following parameters:

  • Verification of correctness of assessment tools used during the assessment
  • Resolution of appeal/complaint received on/off line from the candidates of the batch
  • Certification Criteria laid down in the scheme under which the candidates have been trained & assessed.
  • TSA will provide a sole ownership certificate to each certified person, it will be in the form of a certificate signed and stamped by authorized person.
  • The format of certificate is as
  • It has the below mentioned details:
    • Name of the certified person
    • Unique certification number
    • Name of AA
    • Certificate issue date
    • NSQF Level
    • Job role name for which certified
    • QR code
    • Aadhar Card No
  • The certificate is having a unique QR code that reduces the risks of counterfeiting of the certificate.
  • Decision taken by TSA on certification will be final one and no request will be entertained for review of the status.
Recertification Process
Situations for Recertification - Will be done under following circumstances:
  • Candidates who failed in earlier assessment for a particular job role corresponding to particular NSQF Level.
  • Candidates whose period of validity of certification has expired.
  • Revision of course content of the level & job role for which certified earlier.
Recertification Process:
  • Submission of application from the candidate/TPs on line for assessment for recertification in desired job role & level.
  • On line transfer of assessment fees to AAs account by TC/candidate.
  • Intimation of details of assessment centre and date of assessment by the AA
  • Issue of assessment passes for each registered candidate by AA.
  • Assessment of the candidates for requisite job role & level
  • Verification of results and supporting assessment documents.
  • Declare posting of results on AA web site/ informing the TP/candidates.
  • Issue of certificates to the qualified candidates
Points for Consideration during Recertification:
  • Structured interviews: We will conduct telephonic and face to face interviews of the certified persons (if required).
  • Theory Test-Online- We will conduct an online test for the candidates who want recertification.
Records and information requirements
  • TSA will maintain the records of applicants, candidates and certified persons. These records will include a means to confirm the status of a certified person.
  • The records will demonstrate that the certification or recertification process has been effectively fulfilled, particularly with respect to application forms, assessment reports and other documents relating to granting, maintaining, recertifying, expanding and reducing the scope and suspending or withdrawing certification.
  • TSA will make information regarding the scope of the certification scheme and a general description of the certification process, publically available without request.
  • All training providers and TSA will, through enforceable agreements, keep confidential all information obtained during the certification process. These agreements will cover all personnel dealing with the subject.
  • It is ensured that information obtained during the certification process, or from sources other than the applicant, candidate or certified personnel, is not disclosed to any unauthorized party without the written consent of the individual, except where the law requires such information to be disclosed.
  • To ensure the security of the certification process, some policies and procedures are in place and are implemented throughout the entire certification process.In case security breaches occur, immediate corrective actions are taken.
  • It includes provisions to ensure the security of examination materials, taking into account the following:
    • The location of the material (transportation, disposal, storage)
    • The nature of the material (electronic, paper, test equipment)
    • The steps in the examination process
  • Certificate of Commitment from Candidates:
    • Candidates are required to sign a non- disclosure agreement indicating their commitment not to release confidential materials or participate in fraudulent test taking practices.
Complaints/ Appeals
Complaints /Appeals can be submitted by all stake holders on/offline if they are dissatisfied with our conduct, product, or a service.
These are monitored in structured manner. Complaints are an important source of information for improvement of our systems and impart justice to the aggrieved party.
Proceeding & disposal of complaint
  • The complaint received will be registered in "Complaint & Appeals Register"
  • It will be evaluated with the inputs received by the "Complaint Review committee" of TSA as nominated by the MD.
  • Inputs, if incomplete will be sought from the complainant from the contact details shared.
  • If there is no response from complainants, three attempts will be made to recover inputs and these attempts must be recorded on the Complaint sheet.
  • Inputs from the contact person in the organization, mentioned in the complaint, will also be taken.
  • Public View of the process- Relevant points will be mentioned on the
  • Review of this document will be carried out on annual basis/ as recommended by internal /external audit.
Blacklisting of assessor
  • In case it is found that an Assessor is looking to enter into any undue arrangements during the assessment process, he/she may be blacklisted and debarred from conducting any future assessments.
  • In case it is found that the designated certified Assessor deputes a non-certified Assessor to conduct an Assessment on his/her behalf, the certified Assessor may be blacklisted and debarred from conducting any future assessments. Reassessment of the batch will be conducted at the Training Center .

Candidate Name Location
Sector Aadhar No./ PAN No
Job Role Mobile No.
Assessment Date Training Provider Name(If applicable)

Particulars Yes No
Did you receive an assessment orientation?
Was the assessment conducted in your regional language?
Was the assessment venue easy to reach?
Was the assessment venue good in terms of space, lighting, and cleanliness ?
Was equipment for practical test for the job role for assessment, available in good condition at assessment centre?

Particulars Excellent Good Average Poor
How would you rate your overall experience of assessment?

Candidate's Signature: .................................Date: ..............................