Complaints Section
In a service industry, which thrives on customer client relationship,It is necessary to have a complaint grievance redressal mechanism. There are chances that a customers is not satisfied with the some product /service and needs to complain to get his /her concerns addressed dues. All stake holders are given an opportunity to put across their concerns and get these addressed justice through a formal defined process.
The aim of this document is to lay down the process of handling a complaint received from any stake holder in the environment that our organization is operating in.
Who can Lodge a Complaint
All stake holders with whom we are a party, can lodge a complaint, when they are dissatisfied with our conduct, product, or a service.
How to file a complaint
  • Can log on to the website & fill the complaint/suggestion form.
  • Can approach the corporate/Registered office and write his complaint in person.
  • Contact at the mobile no. 09968993819.
  • Drop an email at
  • Write to us at address of company and through ordinary/registered post.
    Trendsetters Skill Assessors Pvt Ltd
    340, Tower B-3 SPAZE IT Park, Sector-49 , Sohna Road Gurugram, Haryana, PIN-122018.
What inputs are required in a complaint?
  • Name of Complainant.
  • Contact No.
  • Reason(s) of complaint.
  • Product /Person that your complaint refers to./
  • Suggestions if any.
  • Contact Details of Complainant:
    • Address with pin code
    • Mob No
    • Land line No, if held
    • Alternate Mob No
Who will handle in the organization
Once a complaint is received on email / hard copy / Phone, it will be directed to the Grievance / Complaint Redressal Committee.
The composition of the committee is as under:
Authority Col. Rajkumar Mann
Director, TSA
Member Mr. Avneesh Dhariwal
This committee will assemble as on required basis under directions from the president of the committee.
Proceeding & disposal of complaint
  • The complaint received will be evaluated with the inputs received.
  • Inputs, if incomplete will be sought from the complainant from the contact details shared.
  • If there is no response from complaints complainant, three attempts will be made to get inputs and these attempts must be recorded on the Complaint sheet.
  • Inputs from the contact person in the organization, mentioned in the complaint, will also be taken.
Various situation could arise in handling and investigating/evaluating a complaint, these could be as under:
Situation 1: If inputs by complainant are incomplete and no inputs are received in three attempts.
Disposal: Close the complaint with the remarks recorded on the complaint. Committee to endorse the decision of closing it for want of inputs/incomplete complaint.
Situation 2: If all input are recovered.
  • Complaint will be investigated in-house, evaluated and decision will be taken by the committee.
  • The decision will be approved/to be revaluated as per direction of Managing Director.
  • Decision /result be intimated to the complainant.
Situation 3: If complainant is not satisfied by the decision of committee.
Disposal: He may be advised to take appeal to the ombudsman /court of law.
Recording of decision on complaint:
HR department will maintain the records of all complaints in "Hard copy" and a reference data base be prepared in soft copy as per below format.
Sr No. Complaint No. Date Subject Your Name Decision Date Closed

Public View of the process
Relevant points will be mentioned on the website.
Review of this document will be carried out on annual basis/ as recommended by internal /external audit.


Complaint Form