Online Assessment

We are capable of assessing one lakh students at a time through our robust and secure Online examination platform. It is suitable for entrance test, aptitude test & other mass examination.

Psychometric Tests

Trendsetters have introduced the psychometric tests in our system with high quality of monitoring platform . It is suitable for person's abilities, personality, and tendencies.

Aptitude Tests

We have designed the aptitude tests with tendancy to self examine and individuals's ability. This test is to examine a person's inclination, tendency or ability to succeed in a particular situation.

Tab Based Assessment

This methodology is being used in assessments with Agriculture Sector Council. This is quite similar to online assessment methodology, except that it eliminates the disadvantages of online assessments. This method does not require internet connectivity and PCs at the centre. It creates a local network of its own between the laptop and tablets carried by the assessor through a modem. The candidate is given a login ID by assessor and response gets stored in Assessor Laptop, which is transmitted by Assessor to Assessing body through email. Viva marks are separately sent by assessor.

App Based Center Validation Application

Trendsetters has an organized structured team and well established process of carrying out centre validation of training partners seeking affiliation with NSDC or the Sector Skill Councils. We were the first to give the mandate to validate the Training Centers or Training Partners seeking affiliation with the Automotive Skill Development Council.

Training Quality Monitoring

Training is an organised activity aimed at imparting information and/or instructions to improve the recipient’s performance or to help him/her attain a required level of knowledge or skill. We use following tools to measure the quality parameters laid down by the SSCs:

Confirming location of TC
Confirming Training Infrastructure
Confirming Trainee Details
Confirming Trainer Details
Confirming Training Delivery

Assessor Monitoring

This is simple and most economical method of assessment. Most popular among the VTPs, it is being used in Security Sector. The training centre being located very far off places, it is being used by Security Council Assessors. Test paper based theory assessments are taken and Viva/practical marks are awarded on attendance sheets. The assessor in the evening transmits the result to Assessing body on same day.NVEQF/NSQF for Haryana and Himachal Government Schools has been conducted by us with this methodology.

OMR Solutions

The test paper is paper based in a PDF format, however response of candidates is recorded on OMR sheet with unique registration Number. The OMR sheet is read by the OMR software and converted in the result for the batch. The only disadvantage is time consuming process as well competency of students to use OMR can affect the Result of assessment.

Customised Question Paper

Huge Question banks available on the server helps creating a customised question paper for an assessment. The rubrics & difficulty level can be adjusted as per the client requirements. This can be used for Online/Tablet Based/OMR/Pen Paper mode.